If Asian fusion is what gets your taste buds tingling every time, we at TemptAsian can help you organise a sumptuous spread that you can serve and savour in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re celebrating an important occasion, you’d like to treat friends to a fashionable high-end fusion feast, or you’d like to put sushi night up a notch, then look no further. We’ve joined the fray and become one of the best restaurants in Malta that also does take out. TemptAsian, AX The Palace’s award-winning restaurant boasts a kitchen team like no other, experienced in the art of Asian cuisine, cooking practices and techniques, working together to craft eastern traditions and ingredients that lend themselves to Western tastes and palates.

We tour South East Asia, from Thailand and Vietnam to China, Kashmir, Singapore and Indonesia, to curate dishes that are as varied as they are tasty. The Asian food culture is very diverse and gives us plenty of inspiration to work with. Only the best of ingredients sourced from our reputable suppliers are used to create distinct plates, each with their individual textures, tastes and aromas. For those of our most loyal customers, we understand that you miss our elegant dining rooms with their light flowing sheers, the calm and sensuous atmosphere created by dim lighting and our impeccable service that has our servers hovering unobtrusively but ready at hand.

Until we can provide our full experience or if you are self-isolating, we can promise and guarantee our very same exotic menu, brought right up to your doorstep, ready to share and enjoy. At TemptAsian we’ve become one of the best at take away of Asian food. Choose from a selection of set menus carefully assembled to include staple favourites, or head to the a la carte section if you’d like to put together your own unique tasting experience. Go for bold meat dishes or delicate fish plates. Whether you’re in for hearty deep fried fare or lean items, we have you covered. If you’re a vegetarian, you will not be disappointed either. We also boast a delightful sushi range that will make any table colourful and full of flavour.

Order food from TemptAsian – it’s just a click away. Choose your items, add them to the shopping cart, go for pick-up and place your order. It’s fast and simple. While you wait, prepare your very own elegant dining room at home to enjoy a romantic meal with your loved one. Pull out the glitzy table runners and light the candles and wait for doorbell announcing that your feast has arrived. Uncork the wine, sit down and languidly enjoy your culinary ride.

Joseph Xuereb

Joseph Xuereb, our Executive Chef, has been leading the kitchen brigade of The Palace since it first opened its doors in 2007 and played a big role in creating TemptAsian, the award winning restaurant it is today. A Maltese chef who has a flair for cooking exquisite Asian dishes, Joseph was a protégé of an Executive chef when he first started his career. He claims his mentor was an immense influence in his career path and has encouraged him to try new types of cuisine, with new tastes, aromas and spices. This led him to create TemptAsian’s menu and its delicious signature dishes. Inspired by the diverse cultures and cuisines of Asia- from China, Japan, Thailand, India and a touch of Malaysia and Indonesia, the opportunities are endless with regards to flavours. The dishes which have created and are presented on the menu, are craved by repeater guests, who most of the time have their favourite dish, which transports them to a part of the Asian world. Joseph or ‘Chef’, as he is usually called, is very proud of his team and of the success they helped him bring to the restaurant.


Che is from China, in the north-eastern part near Japan and Korea, where he starting cooking in 1979. He has been part of the TemptAsian team since 2012. Before working in our restaurant, he was the chef at the Chinese Embassy in Malta. He enjoys cooking Chinese cuisine, especially fish dishes. Che loves working at TemptAsian, because of the good atmosphere in the kitchen and the wide variety of food prepared.


Raju is from Nepal, where he started his chef’s career eleven years ago. He loves to cook any kind of Asian cuisine from Chinese, Japanese, to Thai and his specialty being Indian. Raju has been working for four years at TemptAsian and before that he mainly worked in hotels. He enjoys working in our restaurant because he is given the opportunity to experiment and get creative when it comes to the dishes he makes.

Raju was always attracted to European and Mediterranean cultures, and originally came to Malta because it is a safe country for his family .He loves Malta’s environment and especially the one in the restaurant, where several nationalities get along perfectly.

Raju (Medium)

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